Our Story

The name Sher-E-Punjab means the “Lion of Punjab”.

The title was awarded to the last and most powerful king of Punjab, Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

With respect and reverence to such an immense personality, we take our inspiration from him and strive to live up to his great name.

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Our Story

The Sher-e-Punjab Story

Sher-E-Punjab restaurant had an interesting story behind it. It began with the journey of Mr. Kuldip Singh, our founder. On his business trip to Goa, Mr. Kuldip Singh realized the non-existence of the famed Punjabi cuisine in the beautiful state. At the time  Mr.Kuldip Singh’s Father-in-law, Sardar Dewan Singh Gandhi was a restaurateur. It was Sardar Dewan Singh Gandhi that encouraged Mr.Kuldip Singh to start his own business. Sardar Dewan Singh’s brother-in-law’s Sardar Avtar Singh Bedi & Sardar Manmohan Singh Bedi were the first founders of Sher-E-Punjab – Bombay (opposite VT station) in the year 1930. We take great privilege that the business continues its heritage in the busy locality of Mumbai.
By then, Mr.Kuldip Singh was in deep love with the state of Goa. So he eventually decided to settle and realized his entrepreneurial dream in the restaurant business.
Sher -E – Punjab was opened in Goa on 10th August 1969. The food served by Mr.Kuldip Singh to the people of Goa was and continues to be authentic Punjabi. It was his wife who introduced the authentic flavors with her traditional recipes and presented her support in expanding the business. After decades of hard work and perseverance of Mr.Kuldip Singh’s involvement in the business, Sher-e-Punjab is now seen as one of the leading restaurants of Goa, with its fame spread across the boundaries.


Sher-e-Punjab Today

Mandeep Singh, the son of Kuldip Singh now heads the Restaurant. His mother now 82, still holds a keen curiosity in checking the everyday running of the business & also showcases her interest into the food quality that’s being served at the restaurant.

“To provide the most authentic experience to the people of Goa, we procure the best vegetables from Belgaum and the spices from Bombay & Kerala. The masalas are also ground in house to give the dish a homely feel. But if a dessert is your go-to dish, you are in luck. We strongly recommend the Gulab Jamun, as the Khoya for the dessert is made in house to keep them soft and pure. The Kulfi & the Rabdi that are purely rich and creamy easily forms our second favorite”, says Mr. Mandeep Singh

“We stand by the philosophy, “We do not compromise on quality”. Sher-E-Punjab ensures that all its guests are served with pride, reverence, and love. The food that is served with a wish that it nourishes one’s soul & keeps one healthy and happy”- Quotes Mandeep Singh, and we believe this surely forms the strong foundation of Sher-E-Punjab.

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